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project oblereum background


The current flagship project takes shape as production begins. Starting in 2020, Project Oblereum was initially intended to experiment with Unreal Engine's capabilities within a cinematic environment.

After promising results and discovering the Epic Megagrants program, we began working on a concept trailer to showcase our ability and determination to take this further.


This experimentation progressed into a short film idea that would finally become a reality when we received a grant from Epic Games. 

With the release of Unreal Engine 5 and its revolutionary features, we began to dream bigger and create a world that would surpass expectations. 

Set in a frozen post-apocalyptic timeline where energy has become gold, we follow the journey of a pilot as he encounters the 'oblereum' while on a mission to save his faction from chaos. He goes behind enemy lines, facing brutal challenges that change his perception of the world.

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